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Fully utilize renewable energy

Realizing brighter tomorrow
by harnessing the power of the earth and the sun

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Role of earthsolar, Inc.

With the ability to respond to any need and deep knowledge of the industry, we can help you solve the complex challenges of your organization. earthsolar, Inc. was founded in 2022 in Japan for this mission.



Develop renewable energy

earthsolar develops renewable energy projects such as solar and wind, and contributes to the procurement of clean electricity by corporate PPA (offsite PPA) for our customers.

Sky Full of Light

Support installment of renewable energy

In the trend of decarbonization, all companies are required to expand the use of renewable energy. earthsolar uses our expertise to tackle problems and help customers install renewable energy.


Optimize renewable energy utilization

Renewable resources such as the sun and wind are variable and their electricity generation also fluctuates. earthsolar makes renewable energy easier to use and promotes further expansion through optimizing storage and utilization.

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ホーム: チーム


Tomohiro Yamazaki


  • At the Bank of Japan, he analyzed economic trends. He joined Renova, Inc. in 2014 and developed new renewable energy projects. In addition, he managed one of the largest biomass power projects in Japan and the first geothermal project which realized project finance in Japan. Before joining Renova, Inc., he worked as an intern at an Indian local consulting company (SKP Crossborder Consulting, now Nexdigm) under the JETRO program and developed his capabilities to overcome difficult challenges.  

  • Independent Director of WasteBox Co., Ltd.

  • LLB from Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo, LLM from Law School, Stanford University

ホーム: 会社概要

Corporate Profile

  • Name: earthsolar, Inc.

  • Location: 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • CEO: Tomohiro Yamazaki

  • Founded: April 2022

  • Number of Employees: 12



  • Companies aiming to procure renewable energy by corporate PPA

  • Companies aiming to start renewable energy projects

  • Those who have lands which can be candidate sites for a power plant (flat land of 10,000m2 or more, etc.)

  • Those who have agricultural land of 20,000m2 or more

  • others ​

​ Please feel free to contact us.​


TEL: 03-6820-0417

The transmission is complete.

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